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SimTrading Stock Exchange

SIMTRADING.NET is a virtual stock market.

It provides you NOW:

When you become a registered user, you get the initial trading capital necessary to start trading in virtual cash.

1) Following of stocks: You can follow the stocks that exist on the stock exchange, while monitoring their charts and real-time price movements.

2) Educational platform: A simple but elaborated user interface to learn, practice and improve your trading skills.

3) Competition for active traders: Registered traders can trade or daytrade in real-time, buy and sell stocks and compete with each other in wealth, performance and several other aspects.

4) Very high liquidity in every moment: Since the real and computer traders together ensure continuous buyings and sellings, this leads to very high liquidity, which results in hyper-realistic trading environment in every moment, 24/7.

This application is currently being developed. We are working hard to make sure that it will be something that everyone can enjoy.

It offers you  WITHIN A FEW MONTHS:

5) Stock creating possibility: Users can create (and also manage) new stocks like IPOs in real life. In the market new stocks join, and from that minute on they become tradable for other registered users, and visible for anyone who just visit the site. So there will be an increasing number of stocks in the SimTrading Stock Exchange 

It is far more than simply a trading simulation game.


Our Motto

“A great product is deep. It doesn’t run out of features and functionality after a few weeks of use. As your demands get more sophisticated, you discover that you don’t need a different product.”

Guy Kawasaki


Our Team

We are working on building and maintaining the most enjoyable and attractive virtual stock market ever. It is our passion.

Our development team is located in Budapest, Europe.

The data center is in Dallas, Texas, USA.




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